The LUKBAN TELEPHONE SYSTEM, INC. (LUKTEL, Inc.) has been serving the telephone requirements of the Municipality of Lucban, Province of Quezon for more than forty-seven (47) years. The Company provides telephone services to residential, commercial and other business establishment within thirty-two (32) Barangays of Municipality, its franchise area.

LUKTEL is duly enfranchised under Republic Act # 8564 granted on July 28, 1997 by the Congress of the Philippines, Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) Case No. 93-103 and approved by National Telecommunication Commission (NTC) on October 24, 1977 granting the company to construct, establish, install, maintain and operate local exchange network in the Municipality of Lucban, Province of Quezon.

In line with its commitment to provide quality service and in response to the call of the government to improve and modernize the telecommunications industry, LUKTEL was the first telephone company in the town of Lucban introduced the use of electronic switching system employing the latest state of the art of technology utilizing computer to the guide and control the entire operation of its telephone system. The company is continuously developing its telephone network by installing more lines through the expansion program projects of its outside plants and the construction of the local exchange.

LUKTEL, subscribers include local government offices, commercial/rural banks, private and government schools, subdivisions and other commercial/business establishment, LUKTEL is relatively one of the established firms in Lucban, Quezon. As member of Philippines Association of Private Telephone Companies, Inc. (PAPTELCO), LUKTEL with its digitized equipment/ facilities have direct access all over the country, and is able to provide services such as National & International Direct Dial (NDD/IDD), Interconnection with PLDT (fiber optic), BayanTel, PT&T and Digitel and digital lines for internet and data communication link-up, Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL), Wired Broadband and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to all its subscribers.

Owners/Stockholders/Employees of Lukban Telephone System, Inc. are all native of Lucban, Quezon.